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Ultimate Employment Positions Available
If you would like your country to share and sponsor an environmentally friendly business with your heart and soul then I welcome you to contact me and help set up a project in your country.

Business Manager:
To manage a recycled handmade paper product into a viable business for your country.
Then a further range of products that can be made using environmentally friendly business principles while still making a profit.
Then a further range of more eco-friendly products that can be subsidised as a green image for clients.
Seek research grants; government training grants and UN grants to help.
Marketing Manager:
To envisage a PPPP marketing strategy that compliments the eco frendly nature of these paper products. To distribute the products to existing international distributers and or direct on the www.
To be passionate about selling a beautiful product.
Production Manager:
A hands on person to get their hands wet and motivate a team of keen craftspersons to produce an exciting range of quality paper and gift sets. A special person who loves to make each piece of paper perfect with the the secret ingredient of love.
Papermakers and Artisans:
You and others who would like to get involved and have fun making not just beautiful paper but gift sets and specialty value added products.
There are several simple and critical stages to master to produce a high quality paper.
You must be good with your hands and quick to be in a production team of five people to produce a sheet of paper every ten seconds.
Or you can create your own art work.
You'll get wet and lots of exercise to keep you fit.
You will sleep at night knowing you have done your bit for the environment.
You might even get paid to enjoy working.
To print wedding invitations, certificates, jigsaws, stationery, business cards and specialty products.
Now you can print you books on smooth quality hand made paper.
General art paper can be made and with extra sizing and acid buffering you can have quality, tooth, smoothness and multi-print-arty effects.
Yes, IT people are needed to create a user friendly web site and modify business software.
Research Students:
Many projects can be designed for School; TAFE; University and post graduate research to continue the Research Leslie has started.
From perfecting the smooth paper; to: recycling paper; reusing chemicals; engineering equipment; using solar energy; reusing production water;controling the sizing; testing new natural sizng agents; turning effluent into compost; and more.
A nice eco-accountant is needed to show me how to balance the books
Please get involved to create a viable business plan. You can sponsor a community holistic employment program or if you want ROI you can franchise the technology and make a profit.